Friday, July 10, 2009

v-a-c-a-tion (boom boom boom boom) in the summer time!

Warning: This post has a lot of pictures. The reason is this: I don't want to write out every thing! (ie: I'm a lazy blogger) As I looked over the pictures I had from this great week at Lake Entiat with our dear friends, the Carlsons, I decided that the time in Eastern Washington really boiled down to two things. 1) Fun 2) Food

Enjoy the pictures and tell me if there is anything wrong with a vacation revolving around fun and food!

Emily, Amanda and Thomas eating dessert! (food)

Emily and Thomas on the shore of the lake, waiting for a ride on the WaveRider (fun!)

Watching fireworks while eating homemade ice-cream (food and fun)

Putting a brownie on top of the homemade ice-cream (again, food and fun)

Sleeping in and having a late breakfast of clam fritters and
polishing off the ice-cream (hmmmm, food, but fun too)

Amanda on the WaveRunner with Brad (fun)

Beth making a deluxe drip castle (fun)

Preparing marshmallows for s'mores! (food)

Beth and Thomas (such a fun friendship!)

Eating the homemade ice-cream on the 4th of July (food)

Mighty women cleaning power (fun)

Soft taco night (food)

Tromping home from a day at the pool (exhausted fun)

Synchronized pool jumping (fun)

Eating waffles at Blueberry Hill (food AND fun!)

Cute sorbet for dessert (food)

A water-fight to cool off sweaty boys (fun)

Even though a single picture may represent a thousand words, I don't have enough
pictures here to tell the full story. You can go to Leanne's blog here to see

Walking on Sunshine

Okay, well, it was really "walking IN sunshine". The afternoon was beautiful and I got done at work early so it was off to Tolmie State Park with the kids and dog for a couple of hours.

Thomas's sandy feet

Can you see Mount rainier?

Using huckleberries to play with the macro setting on my camera

Now I'm messing with the monochrome setting. Hmm...

Emily loves to pick the huckleberries...
She didn't realize how sour they are!
Thomas had to get his turn in!

Thomas's turn to walk Annie on the leash

First harvest

Earlier in the week, we ate the first catches from the garden! Admittedly, what came from the garden was small compared to what came from the store, but I was so excited to be able to harvest a little something from the beds. Carrots, zucchini and snow peas were the parts I grew. I mixed them in with some kielbassa, peppers, onions and broccoli from the store. Served on rice. Doesn't it look yummy?