Monday, May 30, 2011

Weekends in May

I'm catching up on the last TWO weekends.

(Yes, other stuff happened between the weekends, but that would require that I have memory cells dedicated to remembering those types of things.)

So, last weekend was baseball.



Oh, and some baseball.

Friday night started the Cal Ripken Minors Tournament. Thomas's team, the Angels, played one game and won. Saturday, they played again and lost, but it was double elimination so there were more games to be played. Sunday's games started at 9AM with a win. So on went the day with another game at 11AM (a win) and ANOTHER game at 1PM.

That one o'clock game was really a hoot because it was a team the Angel's had never beat and adrenaline was running high by this point in the day. (Good thing because the kids were starting to wear out after already playing 2 full games!) Parents paced while watching; partly because we were all nerves for the boys and partly because nobody could take sitting on those bleacher seats any longer! Well, the pacing, praying and cheering paid off with a third win that day, putting the boys in the final championship game at 3PM. Yes, games at 9, 11, 1 and 3. Exhausting! They didn't win the championship game, but they fought hard. It really was great fun to see them play so well.
This is Thomas, eating after the tournament. A double cheese burger and milkshake and fries at the Ram.

This weekend, Amanda was at her youth group's beach retreat, where it sounds like lots was learned and fun was plentiful. I'm so glad for her to have this time with a really solid youth group and those friends with whom she will stay connected with for life.

Amanda and her friend Maddie at Beach Retreat
Saturday I was home. Sick. With a stomach bug. Yuck. I haven't been that sick in I don't know how long. I hope it's that long before any virus hits me again like that. Sunday I was on the mend so we went to see the Mariners play in Seattle against the NY Yankees. Mariners had one the last 2 games against NY, so it seemed like a reasonable idea that they might win again, but no. Sigh.
I am a lucky girl to sit with these two fine people!
My good looking boy, Thomas. He takes after his Dad!

It would have been fun to see a win, but it's always fun just to be at Safeco and see the M's play. The field is so beautiful and there is no better people watching in the world than at a major league baseball game. It even beats airports and Walmart.

 Fun at Safeco... got to see some of the usual characters, like Ichiro and Moose.

Today the clouds kept their moisture to themselves and I was able to spray weeds, pull weeds, and with the help of Thomas and Emily, get our garden planted. I've never started a garden with so many actual plant starts, but it's been so cold out I haven't wanted to get out and put any seeds in the ground. This year it's beans and beets from seeds, and starts of zucchini, butternut squash, cucumber, cantaloupe (we'll see how that one does!), little pumpkins, 2 kinds of tomatoes, and basil and cilantro.

 So with all that, I think this last picture of Thomas sums up the past 2 weekends pretty well. I just took this about a half-hour ago, at 9:45. Zzzzzz. Blissful, hu?

Now, on with the week. Only about 3 more weeks of school for the kids. I'm ready for the school year to be done and greet the summer. I'm always excited to see what's next!

Monday, May 23, 2011

We interrupt this blogging silence to bring you a new post

I know I haven't blogged for a while. Sorry. And just in case anybody actually DOES follow this blog, no, I'm not still in Korea. I didn't get stuck there. I made it back quite nicely, eating the Western Dinner Choice on the airplane ride home. A piece of roast beef and roasted potatoes never looked so good.

Anyhow, here I am, blogging again. Well, sort of. It's actually just sharing a very cute video that I found through my very cute daughter, Amanda. The little girl in the video reminds me SOOOO much of Amanda at that same age; little bobbed haircut, skinny legs sticking out of a leotard, and shoes that won't do what you want in dance class. Enjoy!