Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fall ball, 2010

South Sound Broncos, 10U 1st PLACE CHAMPS!
Back row: Mike, Riley, Cody, Wes, Kyle, Shae, Jesse
Front Row: Jack, Thomas, Cade, Kye, Devon, Justin (Dillon missing)
We have been eating, living and breathing baseball for what seems like forever in this house! In the spring it was South Sound Spring Baseball. Summer included 7 weeks of summer league and a 4 week skills camp. This fall, we made it through 2 months of fall ball... whew! It's been fantastic to see Thomas's skills improve so much since the spring, but we are ALL really ready for a break from strikes, runs, hits, cold bleacher seats and bad ballpark coffee.

Sunflower seeds in the dugout are mandatory

A parent's view

Justin, Kyle and Thomas
Thomas just coming off home plate for a much needed tournament-play RUN!

coach Jesse and boys between innings

Thomas receiving his medal from coaches Jesse and Mike

Boys will be boys
Thanks Coaches Mike and Jesse. You are the type men we want our boys modeling after.  

Saturday, October 9, 2010


Tomorrow is a great day! It's Emily's birthday and she's turning 14. She is excited that this is her "golden" birthday with the date being 10-10-10. If only she was turning 10 on this day it would be even more perfect... according to her. Me- I'm glad she's turning 14. I loved her at 10, but I love her even more now at the crazy age of 14. She is goofy and spunky and full of energetic life! Her friends adore her and she adores them right back. She's smart and funny and is always on the hunt for fun!

Happy Birthday Em, Dad and I (and probably Amanda and Thomas) love you tons and tons.

Her party was last night. A few pics below...

cupcakes made by Emily

Emily, that present is a blanket, not a wig. You have plenty of time for blue hair later.

Shirts: BEFORE

Shirts: DURING

Shirts: after... they have yet to come out of the wash, but I'm sure they are beautiful
  After a movie, pizza, chips, pop, tie dye, and opening presents, I asked if the girls would like to hit the neighborhood for a quick round of "Bigger or Better". This game is great for a group of kids who are up for innocent fun involving confronting others with a strange request. Can you see why it's perfect for a group of 14 year old girls? The rules are simple: start out with something simple. Like a balloon.

the starter balloon

You then go to a neighbor and ask if they have anything bigger or better than the balloon. Trade up for bigger or better at each house you go to. The last time Emily played this was about a year ago when the kids left with a pen and came back with a child's bike. You never know what you'll have in the end!

About the time I had asked them to be home, I heard a dull rolling type of sound coming down the street and LOTS of giggles. I couldn't imagine what they had obtained in the last hour. When I opened the front door I was met with this sight:

They had actually landed an office chair AND a bundt pan! How do you leave with one thing and come back with two... I'm not too sure. But to come home with a functional piece of furniture was really funny! The kicker is that we NEED an office chair! This one wasn't too bad either; a little worn on the arms, but nothing a little duct tape won't take care of if the thin spots become actual holes. Nice work girls. Keep it up and when you're 16 maybe you can "bigger or better" yourselves a car!

Thanks Jena, Brenna, Audrey, Abby, Cleo and Megan for making the night a fun one for Emily! You are all great kids!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

It's not just about breakfast

Tonight I watched The Breakfast Club on netflix. Do you use the "instant play" feature on netflix? If not, you should. It is probably the best use for an internet connection that I have found! Click. Watch. Love it!

I couldn't believe that the last time I saw this film was probably when it came out in 1985! Wow. I have to admit though that the only scene I vividly remembered was the Ally Sheedy character making "snow" on the winter scene drawing with her dandruff. So gross.

In one synopsis I was looking at tonight, it summed up The Breakfast Club this way: Five high school students, all different stereotypes, meet in detention, where they pour their hearts out to each other, and discover how they have a lot more in common than they thought.

Watching this film quickly took me back in time to my own teen years. Remember the teenager feelings of trying to figure out who you are and who you want to be? And what's crazy is that now I look at my own kids who are in that crazy time of life called adolescence! I can tell you that it's a lot easier watching the teen than it was for me being the teen. Maybe that's just me, but I prefer adulthood!

In some ways, a lot has changed in the world since 1985. In other ways, nothing has changed. People are still people and growing up is still growing up. And spending time together always helps people get along.

PS:  OK girls, weren't we all just a little jealous of Molly when she got to plant one on Judd Nelson at the end of a hard day in detention?