Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Big Stuff

Okay, who changed Blogger when I wasn't looking? It wouldn't have been hard to sneak a Blogger change past me since I haven't blogged since, um, well..... January. Shameful. But there you have it. It probably serves me right to open my Blogger account only to find there has been a massive "change up". I hope I survive it.

So, the real point of my blog today, other than just blogging at the amazing rate of once every 6 months, is to put up some pictures of some fun things going on around here. My friend, Leanne over at ChocolatechipsandSnickerdoodles had a blog entry recently called "Massive Download". I think this might be a little of the same.

Starting the line up, is Thomas. Thomas + Springtime = Baseball. Plain and simple. He had a great year playing for Coach Pete. Great kids. Great adults. Cold games but only a couple of rain outs. It was a fun season!

Lots of pitching this year. So much fun to see Thomas improve his throw.
Pete and the boys. First place in their league tournament!

Pete, Thomas and Duncan

Some people take watching baseball more seriously than others.


The line up...  What a great group of boys!
Next up... Amanda! And her new job. Jobs. Yes, jobs. You see, she pounded the pavement for a few months job hunting, coming up with nothing. It's not nearly as easy for a teen to find work as it was when I was that age. You know, just a few years ago, in 1998. Ok, it was really 1980 when I was doing the teenager job hunt, but who's really counting? Anyhow, back to Amanda; after many applications submitted and resumes dropped off, she was finally offered a job at.... (drum roll please) ....
You guessed it, OLD NAVY! Of course, I'm the nerdy mom who goes in to take a picture of my daughter at her first job. Actually, I needed photographic proof that after all these years of laundry left in baskets, she can indeed fold a shirt. In fact, she can fold lots and lots and lots of shirts. For hours. And stack them according to color. It's a miracle.

The trouble with Old Navy, aside from spending hours upon hours folding shirts, was that they weren't giving her very many hours. After her 3rd time of being given only one 4-hour shift a week, she heard that Lime Berry was planning on hiring and she quickly got an application in to them. A week later, she had job #2, and she loves it. I have to admit that frozen yogurt is way more interesting than folding shirts.

For now, she's working the Tumwater store near Costco. Look for her there if you're ever overwhelmed with a hankering for frozen yogurt while driving down Littlerock Road!

Is she cute, or what?

"Welcome to Lime Berry!"
I think she'll try to work both jobs this summer. When school starts up again, she can drop one of the jobs. I bet I know which one she will keep!

So I asked these 3 to turn towards me and smile...  Guess which one is the first born?

Now for Emily. I wish I had more pictures to include about Emily, but it's hard to get a good picture of a band concert!
Emily a la straight hair. I love that smile!

We are just so stinkin' proud of Emily right now. She finished her freshman year of high school with high grades, great friends, and a passion for band that will carry her through the end of her senior year. This girl has a heart of gold and a sense of humor a mile long. I can't wait to see what the next 3 years of high school bring her way.

Emily is into card tricks these days. Uncle Scott was determined to discover the secret to her trick by intensely staring into her soul. All it did was make Emily laugh!
I love this picture. (Emily, Amanda, Linnea, Kathryn)
Emily's reaction to a little "sister squeeze"
They don't come more beautiful.
And speaking of beautiful...

Announcing, Miss Kate Marie Roberts, who arrived into the world on June 19, 8 lbs, 7.3 ounces and 20 1/4" long! Congratulations to Lauren and Jason!


After...  (Kate being held by her two new teenager babysitters)