Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Summer Highlights

Summer Highlights... no, I'm not talking about hair color. I'm talking about a way to get some of the moments of our summer into a quick blog post. Here it goes!

iFly in Seattle for Jack's birthday. You MUST try it! (
I'm flying!

Mariner games and free shades

Kaisha and Cody's wedding

My Dad and Mom at Kaisha's wedding. Don't they look great!

A few days of sun and swimming and Semiahmoo

Eating at Sonic in Ferndale with Papa and Grandma

Kissing on the beach!

For those who don't like kissing, you can always skip rocks instead.

All of us

Then there was a visit to Mt. St. Helens with my bro, Brett.
My mighty 3

The Ranger Talk given was the best. He was great at explaining why The Lady blew and what happened when She did.

Pretty St. Helens flowers

You can see the direction of the blast by seeing the lay of the trees.

A fund raiser walk for a dear friend

Uncle Scott trying to figure out Emily's tricks

Welcoming baby Kate. I know I already posted this, but it's worth a 2nd post!

Amanda's first job, if you don't count Old Navy, which we won't.

A new patio complete with a fire pit

Roasting marshmallows!

The Running Arends
The man I love ... every summer!

Emily and Amanda... first day of school 2012. Emily's a sophomore and Amanda's a senior.

Thomas... first day of 5th grade