Monday, November 14, 2011

For My Maddie... Fall 2011

I promised Maddie that I would update my blog soon. For her. (It's really for everyone, mostly myself, but we'll just let her think I do this blog for her. Shhhh. It's our secret!)

So here you go Maddie... a wrap up of Fall 2011, JUST FOR YOU!

Topic #1: Marching Band

We are so proud of Emily this year, being one of just a few freshman in North Thurston's Symphonic Band! This band does some pretty amazing concert music in the winter, but in the fall, it's all about MARCHING! Our whole family had a ton of fun watching her band perform and improve as the season progressed.These pictures are from the Tumwater competition where they placed first in their division.

That's Emily in the middle
And here's My Maddie, right in the front, playing her clarinet, Doloris. They make lovely music together...
The music they played was a 4 movement piece called Medusa, hence the togas and the female lead in the middle with snake-like hair.
Does all Greek mythology end with the good guy holding the head of the recently-killed-one in the air?

Who is the jazzer?

 Topic #2: Cal Ripken Fall Baseball
Griff, Thomas and Coach Pete

This was the second year of Fall Ball for Thomas. He LOVED it. Seriously, I've never seen him so happy playing baseball. And that makes me happy. The connection to Maddie? Coach Pete is her dad and assistant Griff is her brother.

I think the reason Thomas had so much fun was that he got to play so many different positions. And steal. He LOVES to steal bases. Probably because he usually gets the base!

A nice lead off from first base... ready to steal second.

Hitting improved. I think he only struck out twice!

Receiving a little coaching from Coach John Orem about getting from 3rd to home. Like the new batting helmet?

Stealing home!

If there's one thing I love most about Thomas, it's his tender heart towards others. Here, he is helping a team mate with getting the catching gear on.

Rallying the troops

Thomas is the catcher here who tagged the runner OUT!

At the end of the tournament, Thomas receiving congratulations and a medal from his coaches.

The hard work paid off with a 2nd place in the tourney!

 Thomas pitching, and a flip to 1st to get the runner out.

I've got to get me one of these... a portable propane heater! Fall ball gets CHILLY.
A favorite shot, Thomas and his buddy, Duncan. Friends forever.

 Topic #3: Halloween!

Thomas scoring candy at the Merritt's across the street.

Me on the left (I know, my disguise makes it hard to see me!) and my friend, Stephanie. She is mom to Duncan, Ben and Jack.

Thomas (Groucho Korean baseball player), Ben in front (gangster) and Jack in the back (hobo).

I LOVE these boys!

This is what Hobo Jack carried around. Funny, funny kid! (Out of work need CANDY, trick or treat!)

World series, pumpkins, knives and friends. Perfect fall stuff.

Thomas likes Jake more than it appears.

Emily always makes me laugh!
Aren't they cute punkins?