Monday, July 11, 2011

Last Minute Plans

For the past few years we have spent the 4th with the Carlson Clan, but this year vacation plans differed so we had to figure out "something fun and memorable" without them! No easy task, because the Carlsons are lots of fun wherever fireworks are involved.

Procrastination swept over me (again) and no plans were ever made, until Facebook came to the rescue (it's a long story). After a little bit of texting and a few phone calls, a last minute plan was in place involving 3 families, a boat and teriyaki chicken. Could it get any better? We were so excited!

At 11ish...(really? Who can be so prompt on a holiday?) ... we met at Black Lake in Tumwater to spend the day riding on the Behrens' boat. I have done a fair amount of water skiing in my teens and early 20s and always thought nothing could beat it, but I gotta tell ya, this tube riding thing is so AWESOME! No dragging your face through the lake with water shooting into your nose and out of your eyes, ears and mouth, no arms being yanked out place, no worrying about where the water might go if you fall wrong (I'll just leave it at that... some of you will know what I mean and will not require any explanation and if you don't know, then it's probably better not to ask lest you embarrass yourself and me!).

We thought we'd spend a few hours on the lake, but it was so much fun that we spent all DAY there. Afterwards we met up at our house for teriyaki chicken dinner (American, right?) and Jenny's amazing angel food cake dessert. So sad I don't have a picture of it!

It was a great day with great people and I want to do it again!

The first group out, Thomas, Emily and Cole.

Let the splashing begin!
Group #2; Emily, John and Garret. All three showed their inner dare-devil this day.

John, Steve, Emily and Jen... so much fun to spend a day together!

I love this picture because of my Emily on the far left; mouth open and screaming/laughing all the way!

Lunch at the dock.

The only thing better than one Emily is TWO!

Best buds, Emily and Becca

Our trusty (?) skipper. Thanks for the ride Mr. Behrens, even when I almost fell in.

My handsome guys

Jack and Amanda

Emily is such a goof

The MOMS. Doesn't our hair look nice? This must be a "before the ride" picture.


This is when Mr. Trusty Skipper stopped the boat because Jen was inches from falling into the drink and we were laughing so hard we couldn't hang on any longer. You might think it was to our advantage to have a physician along (just in case) but as I recall, she was doing just as much screaming and white-knuckle clenching as the other moms.
The DADS! This makes me laugh because Jack's eyes are closed, Steve's feet look caught in the tow rope and John is happily waving because it's his first ride on his new toy.

A nice ride with Melinda driving the boat... watch out for the wakes, guys!