Saturday, November 20, 2010

A tribute to Grover

I think Grover is my favorite. He's a straight forward kind of guy who gets down to the business of things without messing around.

For instance, his lessons on "NEAR" and "FAR" quickly teach children the difference between the two perspectives. Looking out into my backyard today, I thought I'd channel a little Grover as I took some pictures. Keep in mind, the windstorm was Monday. Today is Saturday.




That was really fun! Let's do it again! Nearrrrrr....


Now, how about we learn some colors. That sounds like fun too!

Smokebush "Grace"... isn't that great fall color?

More of the Grace smokebush



I'd like to add "before" and "after" but the concrete has to set for 6 hours before the panels can be re-attached. Oh well. You all know what a finished fence looks like and if you don't, then can just do like Grover and use your imagination!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Way overdue blog post

Seriously, 3 weeks? It's been 3 weeks since I blogged. I promised myself I would blog more often than that. So much for promises to one's self!

There is lots to catch up on.
First up... Halloween

Thomas's teacher this year is the marvelous Mr. Kiekhaefer. I can hear you asking, "Oh Brenda, what makes the man so marvelous?" Well, he is brave. Brave enough to greet a room full of 8-turning-9-year-olds every day. Brave enough to BBQ a hot dog lunch as a class reward. Brave enough to have a pumpkin carving party IN his classroom. Yes, with sharp objects and parents and everything.

"No Dad, I can carry it myself"

Get the guts out

Principal Mrs. Cook (who is not really at all like a witch), Mr. Pumpkin, Thomas
Some nice (and really talented) mom baked these little darlings up for the party. She wins the "Creative Cookie Award" for sure. Who knew Martha Stewart was a class parent?

Mr. Kiekhaefer on lead guitar and vocals

Can you see Thomas, right in the center. Dang, he's cute!
 Now for Halloween itself... Gangster, OB1 and SomeOtherGuyFromAnotherCloneWarsStory (aka: Thomas, Garret and Justin). Can you say, "LOTSA CANDY"?

Stay tuned, there's more blogging to be done over the weekend!