Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fall ball, 2010

South Sound Broncos, 10U 1st PLACE CHAMPS!
Back row: Mike, Riley, Cody, Wes, Kyle, Shae, Jesse
Front Row: Jack, Thomas, Cade, Kye, Devon, Justin (Dillon missing)
We have been eating, living and breathing baseball for what seems like forever in this house! In the spring it was South Sound Spring Baseball. Summer included 7 weeks of summer league and a 4 week skills camp. This fall, we made it through 2 months of fall ball... whew! It's been fantastic to see Thomas's skills improve so much since the spring, but we are ALL really ready for a break from strikes, runs, hits, cold bleacher seats and bad ballpark coffee.

Sunflower seeds in the dugout are mandatory

A parent's view

Justin, Kyle and Thomas
Thomas just coming off home plate for a much needed tournament-play RUN!

coach Jesse and boys between innings

Thomas receiving his medal from coaches Jesse and Mike

Boys will be boys
Thanks Coaches Mike and Jesse. You are the type men we want our boys modeling after.  


  1. Yea Thomas! It was so much fun watching him play. And although I enjoy watching him play... i am very ready to not be at Skyhawks anymore... well, not be there for the next 5 months! :)

  2. Fall Baseball was a great experience for Thomas! Great kids, fun parents and outstanding baseball.
    8 months of straight baseball - does it get any better than that?

  3. I'm coming to watch him next season. That's that!