Thursday, March 18, 2010

A new kind of recipe

Recipe for a happy boy:

1 hammer
1 towel
1 standard screwdriver
1 phillips screwdriver
1 wire cutter
1 rachet and socket set

Gather the above ingredients together. To them add:

1 old computer

Lay the towel out flat. Put computer on towel. Point out to the boy how the screws can be turned to the left to open the computer up. Leave the mixture alone for 1 hour.

Return to see a beat computer and a happy boy!

Need your computer worked on? I have just the boy to do it!


  1. I do believe this is exactly how Brad got his start!

  2. Even this gets me lost...I just need to see the outside of technology not the inside! :)
    thank you for your blog comment...a huge eye-opener! I have realized it and I was able to blog a few times ago about the Lord giving me a spankin of some sorts! The one where I was so focused on Ben walking and talking that I didn't see what He was doing right then and there and that was the "continues to!" Now that I see it, it is so much fun and I get to shout for joy!!