Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A kindler, gentler blog contest

UPDATE: I've re-done the contest to make it lots easier on you! Sorry if you had something for the old version all ready to go, but I think you'll like this better! If you had a good recipe for me, you can still send it to me!

Blog contest... here we go! This one is REALLY easy. I promise. (Scouts' honor)

Complete the following:

"Summer always makes me think of __________________." 
You can fill in the blank with a single word or an entire essay, it's up to you! It can be funny, heartfelt, or whatever comes to mind for you. This one won't take much brain effort or time... both are at a premium for me these days so maybe you are feeling the same.

Let me get you started: Summer always makes me think of camping with my family when I was a kid. If you have more than one answer, you're in luck because you can enter as many times as you like!

Winner will receive this really nice, high end, guaranteed-to-make-you-think-about-summer book:

Raichlen has written several of these BBQ recipe books and they are fantastic! This one is jam packed with recipes like pizza, side dishes, roasted veggies... it goes on and on for 774 pages! Of course it also has basics like chicken, burgers and the like.

I wish I could tell you the author signed it, but he didn't. Maybe I'll sign it instead?
You must live within the continental US to win, only because this book is too heavy to ship to anywhere outside those borders. (You can enter if you live outside the continental us, you just won't win the book.)

Deadline is Tuesday, June 15 at straight-up noon.


  1. Summer makes me think of not packing lunches. Not checking homework. Not working. Not getting up early. Not going to bed by the clock. And lots of other stuff. But for now, I need to go pack lunches, check backpacks, get to bed so I can get up early and go to work.

  2. Summer makes me think of spending more time with my beautiful wife and my great kids!

  3. Summer makes me think of sunshine, raspberries, baseball and rainbow Jello! Ellen Joss

  4. Summer makes me thing of God, fun, family, sun, baseball, boating, camping, Arizona, Camp, Summer Hummer, and NO SCHOOL!!!! I can't wait to June 21 the first day of summer!, but it never seems to really be "summer" then. :)Rebecca B.

  5. "That beautiful season the Summer! Filled was the air with a dreamy and magical light; and the landscape lay as if new created in all the freshness of childhood." Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

    Just a quote I found today and thought you might appreciate.


  6. ...sleeping in, the beach, camping, the sun, going to Mariners games, old vacations and new adventures. It makes me think of friends, family, and freedom to do whatever I want whenever I want!
    Lauren :)

  7. ...Saturday. Every single day is Saturday in the summer!

    **Jason reminded me of this after I posted my other response.

  8. Summer makes me think of Birch Bay with my grandparents and great-grandparents...... bike riding, picing berries, blowing up silly putty, scaring the cat on the roof, playing under the weeping willow tree, drinking strawberry soda... the usual. My grandpa was a hoot. They had these old cement posts from previous fences... he would put our silly putty in the holes with a black jack fire cracker and blow them up. It was hilarious. The beach was the best time of my life which is most likely why I'm still a beach girl to this day. That is where I find my peace and joy. I also had fond memories of picking berries and being a checker for Maybery farms...... I loved my years in the berry fields... age 7-16ish? crazy but great. I can still hear "Bad,Bad Leroy Brown" playing in my head as well as "Afternoon Delight". So fun.

  9. Motorcycles, Motorcycles and more motorcycles.

    Your daddy