Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Thanksgiving, a la Grandma Vi

 My Grandma Vi would have been proud of me at Thanksgiving!

She would have loved the awesome food...

I can hear Grandma now, "Everything is just so DE-LISH!"

...and desserts!

She would have stopped to admire the table setting and food on the plates.

Silver and crystal was Grandma Vi's. She loved a beautiful table!

She would have enjoyed the gathering with those who you love...
Here are some of those people, playing "cookie face" (set the cookie on your forehead and without touching it, get it to land in your mouth). YOU try it, it's harder than you would think!

and the trip out to Christmas Forest!
This was the tree my team designed this year.

I thought often about my Grandma Vi on Thanksgiving, probably because of pulling out her crystal and polishing up her silver so it could make an appearance on a Holiday table. I think it's been at least 17 years since the silver was last used! It's just too pretty to keep in a box. Grandma had the gift of hospitality and loved anything to do with design, be it lighting, decorations or a table. She also loved to cook really great food.

I think I see a little of my Grandma in myself. Thanks Grandma!


  1. WOW! The Christmas/Dr. Seuss tree looks fantastic!

  2. Cute little pumpkin candles on teh table! ;)

  3. Beautiful Brenda