Sunday, October 9, 2011

Guess who...???

Guess who's facebook "relationship status" was recently updated?
Yup, Amanda's.

And Jake's.
And it's more than just Facebook, it's real life!
He's a little goofy, but we like him that way!
Congrats... this is a fun adventure!


  1. ohhhhhhh boy! He looks sweet! I'd love to hear all about how this happened! It sounds like your smilin', yah for Momma!

  2. YEA! So excited about all of this! Thanks mom for the blog post!

  3. I kept my first relationship from my parents for the first couple months. This is so stinkin' adorable that I can't stand it! I LOVE THIS! We were all waiting for this day to come! (Oh yeah, and Happy Birthday, Emily!! Love you too!!!!)