Saturday, June 13, 2009

I'm not dead... REALLY!

Contrary to what some are saying, I really am alive. And here's the proof in pictures! Okay, well, I'm not actually in any of the pictures. That is because, of course, I am the one taking them! Does that ever happen at your house? Anyhow, here is some of what we've been up to:
Thomas received a solar system for his birthday. We installed it on his bedroom ceiling. Sing with me... he's got the whole solar-system, in his hands...
And speaking of installing things, we helped the Quentins install a roof on their new barn. They lost the old one to the heavy snowfall this winter.

While the boys nailed boards to framing, Amanda and Emily got to ride horses with the Quentin girls. Such a rare treat! Below are Emily Jill and Emily Ruth (they got good use of those middle names while at day care together for years at the Quentin house!).

Of course, Thomas has been playing baseball. Today was the last game (whew). Afterwards we had a quick party at the park of cupcakes, chips and juice. Thomas received MVP of the season! Coach said he was chosen because of a good attitude and hard work ethic. We are proud of you Thomas!

Stay tuned for more posts! I have to show you my garden!


  1. THinks that riding thouse horses was fun

  2. way to go, thomas! and i love the planets!

  3. Well, well! I am so glad that I can now get back in touch with you. I'd like to feel like I at least know you before we vacation together! Welcome back, my dear friend...

  4. So glad you are back on the blog! I've been anxiously awaiting news and pictures from you guys. Love the new picture on the top of the main page. I bet you took it and it's your garden growing! Too fun. Did I tell you what we're doing with our garden this year? Brett decided that it's too time consuming to do a vegetable garden for us right now and so I planted the whole thing in sunflower seeds! I can't wait to look across the yard at those tall yellow flowers!!

  5. Yup, mine is half sunflowers, half veggies! What is veggies is half vine veggies: cucumbers, squash, pumpkin and gourds. Much less time consuming!