Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Testing, testing... shall I return?

So, I guess I'm figuring out that each blog site holds its own frustrations. The key is to figure out which frustrations you can live with. With blogspot, picture size is limited and the page is always so narrow. I found a page that tells me how to widen the page, but do you think I can understand those techie code instructions?

On wordpress, pictures have to be uploaded one at a time, although they can take a pretty large image so no need to change the file size. Hmmmm. So now here I am, testing out blogspot again.

Trying a few pictures now...

Thomas getting ready to shoot the corn cob out of the shooter

Oh, really nice big pic of the kids at Emily's birthday party. Will my blog page cut of one side?

Lewis, the newest member of our family


  1. I want to shoot corn on the cob!!

    I use "Windows Live Writer" to write my blogs in, especially if I have a bunch of pictures. it will synch with your blog and post without even having to be on blogger! definitely give it a shot :)

  2. Do let me know the final verdict. I miss your blog!