Saturday, December 26, 2009

Running Arends... and a Carlson

Time to play Blog Catch Up again. We're stepping back in time. It's just a week though, so it shouldn't hurt your head too badly.

Stop when you get to December 19. Saturday. The day of the Santa Runs 5K that Jack and I ran in. Well, I ran and walked. He ran. Our times prove the difference in our strategies. Brad Carlson also joined us. He ran too, but he ran fast.

The picture above shows the three of us before the race. If you pre-registered, you received the nifty gloves and Santa hat. The race was supposed to start at 9AM, but because so many people showed up to register on the day of the race, it was delayed to about 9:30. So here we are, waiting inside the warehouse area, trying to stay warm, stretched out and ready.

Noticeably absent is Leanne, Brad's wife. She couldn't run because her foot was still recovering from a stress fracture and a sick daughter needed her home that morning. Maybe next time she can join us, either running or for moral support!

Me and Jack, moments before the horn to start. The race was in the same place as the St. Patty's race we did last March, along the Tacoma waterfront. It's actually quite an industrial type of area, hence, the trains you see in the background.

Moments into the race. Yes, I stopped to take this picture. I have no pride in my race time.

This group was really fun! The "reindeer" were all lashed up together and Santa was behind them, pushing a stroller (sleigh) that was attached to the reindeer. They sang Christmas songs the ENTIRE race. I can barely talk and run at the same time. I don't know how they had the breath to actually sing, but they were fun to be with... until they passed me.

I stopped again  to take a picture of the 1/2 way turn-around. It's fun when the race-worker people cheer you on and tell you that you're half way done. This is the point in the race where my brain starts wondering why in the world I thought running a 5K would be a good idea. I am tired and bored and the only reason I keep running is simple: to get to the end.

Brad finished 10th in his age category! 26:39.8
Jack finished at 31:41.9
I huffed across the finish line at 38:23.1

So at long last, we all ended up back at the start/finish line. Brad first, then Jack, then after a while, me. Maybe my time would be better if I didn't stop to take the pictures, but then how boring would this blog entry be?

Look at these two fine athletes! It's hard to know who looks better in their Santa hat.

After re-hydrating and walking what seemed like another 5K to our parked car, we went where any respectable athlete goes after a major event.....

here it comes.....

keep going.....

wait for it....


KrispyKreme. We had to carb up. Some people say you should load on carbs before a race, but I'm thinking that it doesn't really matter.

Look at the CUTE donuts they had for Christmas time! Snowman donuts.
Who knew a donut could be so cute? I will run a race again if I get such a great treat at the end.

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