Thursday, January 21, 2010

the coolest cookies!

Last weekend we drove to Seattle to take in the Body Exhibit. I won't blog on that, but you can hop over to Amanda's blog to see what she wrote about it. I will say that in spite of the controversy surrounding how the bodies were obtained, it was an amazing thing to see. I'm glad I went. Reminded me of anatomy class in college and the cadaver lab, except I didn't have to go around, labeling all of the parts in front of me. I was surprised to find that I could remember the structures of the larynx (can you say "hyoid bone" 10 times, fast?) and most of the muscles in the abdomin, neck and face! (sternocleidomastoid... just say it once, that's good enough)

Okay, enough about that.

Now, the cookies. After the exhibit, we wandered the downtown for a bit and found ourselves at Williams Sonoma. Hmmmm, wonder how that happened? You know I love a good kitchen shop.

At WS, Jack spied the most fun cookie cutter I have ever seen. Have I told you he's an amazing guy? He even has an eye for great kitchen stuff.

It comes with 3 coookie cutters (star, heart and a rectangle with a scalloped edge) and a bunch of plastic letters, sort of like the letters you would find on an old typewriter.

Here's how it works:
1. Make a sugar cookie dough. Emily chose to tint hers yellow. Roll the dough out per the instructions, about 1/4" thick.

2. Insert the letters you want into the cutter and cut the cookie. Then, before removing the cutter, push the plunger down a bit to stamp your message into the dough.

3. Bake and ta-daaaaaaa! You have a really cool and unique cookie.

Next time we'll decorate these to really jazz them up, but for this time, Emily was just happy to make the cookies. She made one for her friends at school. Imagine the possibilities: baby shower, thank yous, birthday, teacher gift, staff appreciation, congratulations, Valentines Day  ... I think I will need to buy more flour, butter and sugar.


  1. FUN idea! In my case, the 1/2 inch layer of frosting would cover up all those cute words. :)

  2. awesome!! i think the "megan" one looks the best, but i'm slightly biased...

  3. one blog you are describing a love hate relationship with the treadmill and in the next you are showing off delicious much for new years resolutions, eh?

    Ceytha B :)