Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Don't shop hungry

Today, I got kids up and moving and then got myself onto the dreadmill, which, by the way, I think is trying to kill me. It just keeps going and going and expects me to keep up. I told my sis-in-law, Kristine, yesterday that I blame it on Eve. Perfectly created as she was, she was a disobedient girl and now to keep this body in shape I have to spend time on the dreadmill to combat the original sin that sits on my theighs. By extension, the dreadmill is a tool of the devil. Of this I'm sure.

ANYWAYS... after several repetitions of 4 minutes of running and 3 minutes of walking was finished, I took Emily to school. Then it was time to head to Safeway. We needed milk. Seems like we always need milk, but today we were totally out after breakfasts were finished. I walked into the Safeway, feeling pretty good about having already finished my workout, and headed for the dairy case. I got the milk and some cheese. In the yogurt section I spied stickers that said "50 cents off" on the 75 cent yoplaits. They "expired" today. Tell me, isn't yogurt already spoiled? Isn't that how they make it? I never trust dates on yogurt, so I scored big time on the strawberry kind.

As I headed toward the produce seciton, it hit me. HUNGER! It was still that blasted dreadmill working as hard as it could to kill me. It gave me a hunger that said, "Just head back to the bakery section and get the cherry turnover. Nobody will know! You can eat it in the car!" I REFUSED! I was not going to let the dreadmill win. Not this time! Not even when it changed its chant to, "The rice pudding is on sale, get some! Pick up a spoon at the soup counter and you can eat that in the car too!" Oh how I love rice pudding. Cool, sweet, creamy. No raisins for me though, thanks. sigh.

Shesh! How's a girl to shop in such a hungry state? I bought chicken (on sale for 99 cents a pound!) to can later, some veggies and got the heck out of there before I caved.

Once home I had a simple bowl of oatmeal. I'm trying to be good.


  1. that is my new name for my 'dreadmill', so funny!!How many times do you go into a grocery store not needing TONES yet come out with TONES because you were hungry. But then, if I am full, I come home and say, I didn't get anything as the kids are looking for the FOOD! ANNOYING!! Can't win.

  2. I am so impressed! I have chocolate cake at my house that sings"Just a little bit, mmm, just a little bit" I know what you mean. Good job on staying strong.