Thursday, April 1, 2010

Just a quickie post

I want to get more pictures posted on Itsuka's visit before she leaves us on Saturday. Hello to people in Oito, Japan (Itsuka's home town)!

Playing Twister gives good practice on colors, body parts and left/right!

This little treasure has been invaluable

This is a trip to Cabela's (

Emily and Itsuka in coon-skip caps, so American!

My four children for the week. Back from a hunt.

Back at home, Itsuka taught us origami

The next day, we taught her how to dye Easter eggs

It's hard to see here, but the egg has her name written in Japanese with crayon

This morning, Thomas was sad at breakfast, saying, "I wish Itsuka could stay. I will miss her and I wish she was my real sister!" Tears, sobs... yes, the whole thing. He has really taken to his Japanese sister. With all the fun we've been having around here, who can blame him?

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