Thursday, April 29, 2010

They are coming soon...

... the new chairs, that is.

We want 2 chairs for our living room. We have been looking for these for um... probably 14 months. I guess I'm having a hard time deciding.

Looking at, I spied not just one, but TWO chairs that I really really like. Still couldn't decide, so I ordered 2 of each. I'll only keep one pair of chairs and return the other two to Target. Oh, the beauty of shopping on the internet knowing you can return to the store in town!

So here they are:

Wow, doesn't the one on the top look like the background on my blog? Cra-zy-ness. Maybe I could start a trend... furniture to match your blog. Hmmmm.

I like them both in different ways. Sort of like children. But, I'm not returning the children any time soon. Shoot, they are beginning to pick up their clothes without being told and even put themselves to bed at a decent time!

I'll keep you posted on them. The chairs, that is.

1 comment:

  1. Not that you're asking for votes or anything, but my unsolicited opinion is the top one, but both are totally cool. You have excellent taste, which is why I copy you. :o) And happy Thomas's birthday!