Monday, May 3, 2010

Eight is GREAT!

This past weekend we celebrated the fact that the youngest of us is now EIGHT! And, what a weekend it was!

Highlights (in no particular order...  I've always wanted to say that. Reminds me of the Academy Awards):

1. Thomas had a baseball game on Saturday. His team, the Rainiers, triumphed over their opposition; 7-0. Seriously, I don't think his team has ever actually won before! In the days of T-ball, we never kept track, but it always seemed that the other team got many more to home plate than we did. Last year was the first year of kid-pitched baseball, and again, although we never kept score, I don't think Thomas's team ever won. This was a glorious and long overdue win!

Check out Thomas's pitching... he had a no hitter game. Sweetness.

2. Dinner with Carlsons on Friday. It had been tooooo-oo-oo long since we had spent any time with them.
By request: Safeway bakery sugar cookies, shared with the Carlsons
By accident: One big candle because I forgot to buy the cute little birthday type

3. Birthday party Saturday at Laser Fun Zone. WHAT A BLAST! If you haven't been there, you need to go. Coming out of the game, we all commented that we felt a little like Jack Bauer as we rounded the corners, ready to shoot whoever stood in our way!

Ryan, Forrest, Joseph, Kyle, Thomas Justin and Garrett
Laser tag hostiles!

The new bike!

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