Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Picture this...

After a night of snow (which somewhere in the dark hours turned to rain), our schools were 2 hours late start today. Yippie! This is what it looked like at our house:

(imagine a picture here of Amanda sleeping in her bed, arm wrapped around her body pillow)

(imagine a picture here of Emily curled into a ball, sleeping soundly, cat firmly planted at her feet)

(imagine a picture here of Thomas up and dressed, scrambling his own eggs for breakfast. That's my boy!)

As you can see, I didn't have the forethought to actually break out the camera and take pictures of our sloth-like morning. But I think you get the idea anyway.

And just so you DO have a fun picture to look at, here is a little something to remind you that rainy, cloudy skies WILL go away, summer is coming, and you WILL need sunglasses once again.

Annie and shades

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  1. I think our 'cool' doggie's aught to get together what do you think? My last post had this same picture. So stinkin' cute!I was sooooo disappointed, we had ALL this snow and we didn't even get to play in it!Ugh!