Friday, March 27, 2009

Happy Birthday dear Bretty....

Brenda turning 3, Brett turning 1

Today is my brother Brett's birthday!

Things I love about my brother:
  1. he is a kind and gentle man
  2. he married Kristine

  3. he and Kristine have provided wonderful children for my kids to be cousins with

  4. he loves the Lord

and most importantly...

5. he has always laughed at my (dumb) jokes

Thanks for being such a great brother Bretty, and happy birthday!

Us at a Christmas dance at BHS, 1982


Our Dad teaching Brett how to tie his tie. I think Dad is probably about 42 here! (The same age Brett turns today)


Brenda age 7, Brett age 5


This is the best one! We are dressed for "Nerd Day". Spring, 1983? Love the guns on the wall and the 1970's carpet. Are we 16 and 18?


  1. Happy Birthday Uncle Brett!!!


  2. A few questions for my friend...

    1. Which picture represents "Nerd Day"?
    2. Were you your brother's date for the dance??
    (If that answer is yes, please don't bother explaining. I'll just pretend I never knew that.)
    3. Did Jack have ANYTHING to do with the creation of Emily? Or is it one of those freaky cloning experiments we occasionally hear about?
    4. Was your dad just learning how to tie a tie also, or was that the look he was going for?

    I could continue, but I'm sure I've now set myself up for some retribution as it is. I'll leave well enough alone.

    And Happy Birthday to Brett!

  3. Dear Friend Leanne,
    1. I've always thought I was a nerd, so perhaps all of them with me!

    2. Was I Brett's date? Well, he got stood up at the dance, and my date started dancing with someone else, so we hooked up and had fun evening without our dates! I had actually forgotten those details until Brett reminded me. You see, I'm older than Brett, so the memory slips from time to time!

    3. Yes, Jack is the father. No cloning involved. Quite the resemblance Emily has to the Thomas side of the family, eh?

    4. Okay, the tie... my dad is wearing the tie that Brett tied for him. I would say Brett hadn't really mastered it all yet!

  4. hahahahahahaha! I LOVE the nerdy one! Totally hilarious! And you guys are soo cute! Happy birthday Daddy!

  5. I don't know why but seems weird that you guys once were kids and were siblings!!!!! I like the nerdy one! LOL