Saturday, March 14, 2009

Now we really ARE running!

"Cross the line in 2009" has been Jack's mantra for the year. What that meant was to enter, and FINISH, a 5K run in 2009. After a little research, Jack decided on the first annual Tacoma St. Patty's Day Run.

"Would you like to do this with me?" he kindly asked me as he registered on-line. Being a nice wife, I replied, "Yes, that would be fun to do together!" I had about 3 weeks to go from one who admires others who run, to one who runs. No problem!

Fast forward a few weeks to today, March 14. Raining and 42 degrees.

We arrived in Tacoma at 7:30 although the race didn't start until 9AM. The promoters of the race were advertising that you could arrive at 8AM and take advantage of "breakfast and Bud Light" at the restaurant on the dock where the race started. OUR reason for getting there so early did not involve having a malted beverage for breakfast! Instead, it was to get a parking spot that was close to the start/finish line. I wouldn't want to have to walk too far to get to a race. Did I mention it was raining?

People watching in the parking area was hilarious! Serious runners sprinted by our car, off to retrieve their number. Others stood in the rain to stretch, talk to other runners, or to parade in their green St Patty's running wear. A few endomorphs walked by, instantly making us feel like we belonged.

Waiting in the covered area before the race

Braving the wet and cold, we got out of the car and stood in a covered area until the race was about to begin. The serious people had been out at the starting line for a while. Good thing. I think they would have mowed me over.

Over 750 people beginning to move after hearing "GO!"

"GO!" yelled the official starter person, and we all started walking slowly... in the rain. After about a half mile, I warmed up and tied my coat around my waist, no longer noticing the rain. Plod plod plod. Mostly running, but some walking. At the half-way turn around was a man playing Scottish bagpipes. Made me want to run faster to get away from them, although they are a good instrument for the outdoors.

Jack was running ahead of me and met me at the finish line. I can't believe I finished and I wasn't the last person! I saw the lady who was last. She had a police car with its lights on trailing her, bringing up the end of the race.


Jack and Pam, Jack and Brenda. Pam is a cook at PGSchmidt. She and her husband agreed to do this with us!

I think my time was 39:20 and Jack's was 31:00. It was hard work, but I would do it again. Maybe the new mantra is "Two lines are fine in 2009!"


  1. GO MOM!GO DAD! Maybe we could celebrate with ice cream?

  2. Good job Mom and Dad! I am really proud of you I wish I could of been there to cheer you on.

  3. WOO-HOO!!!! So very proud of you guys! Never mind hitching up the horse to get to guys can run there! (I'll follow along in the wagon to cheer you on!)

  4. That's so great!! You did it! I'm so impressed. You guys are amazing. Hugs.