Friday, March 20, 2009

Pet Roll Call

Yes, we are a family of 5, but our house has a popuation of 8. The other three who live here are our pets: Annie the dog, and Dot and Dixie the cats. Let me introduce you...
This great dog is a farm collie who is just about to turn 3. She has long hair and only sheds twice a year. The first shed lasts from January to June, and the second runs from July to December. She is a sweet dog and will do most anything asked of her if the reward is cheese or bologna. Annie likes to "hold hands" with people and we're told this was also a trait of her mother's. Given the opportunity for freedom, she would love to run and run and run to find some sheep. Maybe one day we'll take her to a place where she could try herding some type of livestock.

Annie comes from a great family who breeds farm collies, not show collies. Their web site is

Annie in the snow this last December

Annie, what beautiful eyes!

Dot and Dixie:

These kitties are siblings and came from the girls' dance teacher, Lauren. Well, actually from Lauren's cat who is uniquely named "Kitty". Dot and Dixie turn 3 this May. They are typical cats, and think they rule the world. They revel in hunting for game in the empty lots around here, and placing their victory trophies (ie: dead rodents, birds and once a rabbit) on our doorstep.

Dot lives for drinking out of the sink faucet.

Dixie is a night time girl who loves to be out at night.

Dot and Dixie

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  1. Annie is a great dog. The kind of dog that people outside the immediate family actually like! I think Wellington is good that way too. We should get them together to play sometime. And the kids too.