Monday, February 7, 2011

A great rambling

Let's just start right off with that National Anthem. You know the one. The version presented to the entire United States and many other parts of the world by Christina Aguilera. The one where she was supposed to sing the line "O'er the ramparts we watched, were so gallantly streaming," and instead repeated an earlier line, with a slight variation. She sang, "What so proudly we watched at the twilight's last gleaming," repeating and mangling an earlier lyric. I read that she reported she was so caught up in the moment, she forgot her place in the music, and then we heard the result.

Even if she'd gotten the words right, Aguilera's rendition would still have been awful. It's the national anthem. It should have tempo. It should be respectful. It's not supposed to be a forum for Aguilera or anyone else to give us their vocal interpretation. To make up their own notes as they go along. And then say, "Thank you" when they are done singing. It's not about you when you sing the National Anthem.

Hmmm. I guess there's nothing much else to say, so instead I will just say, BRING BACK JENNIFER HUDSON! Now there's a performer. AND WHITNEY, but she's probably in rehab somewhere.

I had a few favorite Superbowl ads... Doritos that can bring fish, plants, and a sweet Grandpa back to life was my favorite. It didn't hurt me to see Roseann get beaned by a big log. Where has she been, anyway?

While I seem to be on the topic of things that bother me, let me just say right now that I find it completely irritating that in this last week... the week before my birthday... I am receiving SPAM email with titles like these:
  • Discover your AARP benefits
  • AARP and seniors
  • How AARP works for you
REALLY? Turning 46 means you get junk email from the American Association of Retired Persons? Maybe they figure that if I start thinking about it now, I'll be ready to join later. Much later. I know that in the eyes of some we had children late, but who joins AARP when they have an 8 year-old son? That's just silly.

How about we talk about happy things. Like the people we spent Superbowl Sunday with (we love the Josses and Carlsons!) And let's talk about what we ate while watching the Superbowl. Here's the quick run down:
  • jalapeno poppers (jalapenos stuffed with cream cheese, Parmesan and sausage)
  • chips and warm chili-cheese sauce
  • bacon and cheese stuffed potato skins
  • Superbowl buns (warm ham and cheese sandwiches on these yummy little buns)
  • homemade chicken noodle soup
  • fruit and dip
  • veggies and dip
  • a massive chocolate cake
  • a crazy good ice-cream sandwich cake
The flavors, calories and fat were enough to make me think it would be a good idea to learn who the good cardiologists are in town. Just to be prepared. Mercy, I don't think I will need to eat again until March. But it was soooo YUMMY! I'd do it all again, except I would eat more of the jalapenos.

And here is something fun; my new job starts tomorrow! It's actually an old job I've had for about 14 years, but with a new twist. I'm starting a regular position at Providence St. Peter Hospital, doing speech therapy for acute care patients. The job I've had in the past has been doing speech therapy at St. Pete's as a "per diem" therapist. That means covering vacations and weekends as my schedule has allowed. Now, my work time will be more regular. I will be doing a lot of speech, language, cognitive and dysphagia (swallowing) evaluations and treatment.
St Peter's Hospital, 1890; I believe this building sat on the capitol campus.

St Peter's, 1928; This building still exists on Olympia's westside. It's now senior housing. Maybe I could move there if I get that AARP membership?

The current Providence St. Peter Hospital on Lilly Road. This is where I work. The tall tower is 11 stories tall and is where the acute care patient rooms are. The views from the upper stories are phenominal. I could see Mt. St. Helens (120 miles away) spewing ash into the sky from the 10th floor several years back.
I like the setting of acute care and the other acute care therapists are great. The hours are perfect, allowing me to be home when the kids are and I can still chair my WIRB panel on Mondays! (What's a WIRB? That's a post for another day.) Because I even get benefits, we will get to save a good number of pesos by switching some of our insurance coverage around. (Don't worry Mr. Obama, we will all be purchasing health care insurance as you seem to think this is important.)

Speaking of old things that are new, HAVE YOU BEEN WATCHING AMERICAN IDOL? Who woulda thunk that Steven Tyler and J.Lo could resurrect that show? It's fun to see the judges actually respond to the people auditioning instead of to each other. The weekly Simon -vs- Paul thing got so old, I didn't even watch the last 3 seasons. I'd much rather watch Steven Tyler bliss out to a good song and I'm sure my husband isn't the only man in America who is happy just watching J.Lo sit there, smiling.

That's it. I need to go finish watching The Bachelor. Brad is in trouble and he needs me to shout through the TV to tell him of who is good and who is "that woman your mother warned you about".


  1. This was the longest Brenda-blog ever! I love it. I really appreciated the American Idol and Bachelor sections. Those are currently recorded on my DVR and I will be watching them tomorrow. Oh how I love watching a bunch of crazy women trying to fall in love with a crazy man. Yikes!

  2. Hey! That's awesome about your new old job! I'm happy for you. And happy birthday tomorrow. Thinking about you a lot. And you must have felt a lot better after posting all that stuff. I had that "whew" feeling when I finished reading it. It actually made me feel a lot better. Lol. :o) I good rant is sometimes the best thing a person can do.

  3. Picture #2 is especially dear to my heart: the place where both Brad and I entered the world! But looking at that picture makes me feel ancient!! :)

  4. Wow! I finally took a moment to check out your blog, absolutely refreshing ;) Congratulations on the job and Happy Birthday!