Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sweet 16 and the DOL

It's been a whirlwind around here lately. Amanda turned 16. I remember 16, almost as though it were 29 years ago. (Cough, really?) What's especially fun about this Sweet birthday of hers is her driver's license. Yes, a real, legal driver's license. The kind with the picture and everything. The kind that allows your child to go drive off BY THEMSELVES and go somewhere. (Amanda doesn't really care where, she just wants to drive. By herself. Thank you very much. I think she takes after me, poor thing.) 
So, here she is, up at the counter after we waited for approximately 127.495 hours at the DOL. Yes, I'm pretty sure the wait was that long.
Isn't she so cute?
After obtaining the paper-proof-of-independent-driving, she drove us home. We pulled into the driveway, and without even turning the engine off she yelled to Thomas, "Hey, get your shoes on, we're going to McDonald's!" The shoes went on quickly. Emily was gone for the weekend, so she miss the inaugural drive.

I told them to stick their heads out so I could get a quick picture before she rolled off on her first independent Licensed Driver drive, and here's what I got:
A picture is worth 1,000 words. I'll let you come up with the words, but a few of them might be, "Hey Thomas, buckle up!"

Amanda has more about her day on her blog, where she talks about the morning kidnapping and the evening party. You can read about it here.

This is the very sweet cross Jack and I gave her. Gold and diamonds to tell her how valuable she is, and a cross to remind her of whose she is. A child of God... nothing is more precious!

Emily and Thomas each got her a Costco package of gum. Oh mercy, that's a lot of gum.

Since her birthday on Saturday, she has had a few other times to drive herself to where she needs to be: dance, youth group, basketball game. OH, and let's not forget the best one... to THE STORE to get me a gallon of milk.

It's a strange feeling to have her out on her own, but I think we'll get used to it in short order. She texts us when she gets to her destination, and also again when she's coming home. She's a very good driver, but I worry about the other morons on the road who seem to like to hit my van (somebody please be honest with me and tell me if there is a target on my Swagger Wagon which compels stupid drivers to hit my Sienna). I have to admit though, it's pretty nice to not be the driver all the time. Especially when we're short on milk.

So, Happy Birthday Amanda! We love you!

"Drive careful... duh!
Drive fast and take chances!
Cut people off sweat pea!
Use your road rage if you have to!"


  1. It's something when the first one gets their license! It's another thing when the youngest does and the taxi drivers can retire! And I think of Tim Hawkins every time I see them off! :-)
    Congrats to Amanda! And, um, drive carefully!

  2. The words we came up with "MOM! SAVE ME!"

  3. Hey Alderetes... I should have made this into a blog contest called, "What is Thomas saying?" Dang, missed the opportunity. May have to keep it in mind for another time!

  4. Would she be willing to run to the store to get ME a gallon of milk???

  5. Oh Leanne, you have no idea. She will go to the store for most anyone within the county of Thurston if it means she can drive.

  6. He looks like a really scared little puppy with his little paws sticking out of the window. I can tell he's thinking about jumping...

  7. She is a great driver and a wonderful 16 year old!

  8. Yay Amanda! So happy for you! Another cousin on the road. That makes three of you to drive back and forth from B'ham to Oly! And that's the PERFECT picture of Amanda and Thomas in the car. You couldn't have gotten a better picture if you had posed them. I love it.

  9. Seems like yesterday that we were in the same position. Listening for the car to go out. And then really listening for the car to come back. didn't have the benefit of the text message.
    I think Thomas's facial expression is exactly what mine was waiting for the return trip, the door to open,your bedroom light to come on, and hearing " I'm home Mom and Dad."
    No wonder the wrinkles are showing up.
    And we can't help ourselves when we say