Saturday, January 14, 2012

Driver's Ed... round two

Yesterday was like déjà vu as I took Emily to the DOL to get her Learner's Driver Permit. Was it really two years ago that I did that trip with Amanda? Our wait wasn't bad and the lady at the window was quite good humored. We answered a few questions, Emily looked into the little vision test thingie, we paid $20 and out the door we went with the crisp, new Learner's Permit in hand!

Today was the day of The First Drive! I backed the van out of the garage and driveway and Emily took it from there for a tour of our neighborhood. I would guess we went a total of 2 miles, winding around the neighborhoods adjacent to our street. Emily practiced stopping, starting, backing up and turning a corner (yes, slow down going into the corner and accelerate coming out of the turn).

After passing by this car, Emily said, "Well at least we didn't DIE!"
Come October 10, Emily will be good and ready for her license!


  1. Emily... The new driver :)January 14, 2012 at 8:38 PM

    OH YEAH!!! Amanda is gonna have to start giving up driving so that I can practice!

  2. Jason said "Emily!!??!! Arend!!??!! Wait... She's in high school?????!!!??" Also, I'm glad you didn't die too!!

  3. Well.... She can hope she is a good driver. But she wont come anywhere near her incredible safety-first sister. ;) Just kidding, proud of you Emily!

  4. Yikes!!! Another one already??? haha! Just kidding, Emily welcome to the practice year! So glad you didn't die passing that white crack me up!