Monday, January 16, 2012


It's only once every few years that we get a good snow around here, and this turns out to be one of them. We currently have about 4", but the forecast is calling for up to 12" by Wednesday.

In the meanwhile, we wait by the phone for a call from Jack's admin office to hear if tomorrow is canceled or two hours late. There's no doubt what we are hoping for with this much fun sitting in our yard.

Maddie. Amanda. Cute hats. Best friends.
The bummer is, I'm sick. Head cold. So, I'll just stay inside and get water ready for hot cocoa. Maybe I'll sip on a hot buttered rum... it's medicinal, you know. Sure to cure something.

 Thomas invited the neighborhood boys over for a friendly round of "smash your friend into the snow" followed by a no mercy snowball fight.




Thomas and Justin

Such goofs...

 Muscle pose... Thomas, Emily, Jake, Amanda and Annie the Wonder Dog

One more picture which must be blogged.

My Emily. She, who wants to be an architect, took the pick-ax and dug a hole in the above gigantic snowball, creating a snow cave.

Behold. It is truly a marvel for the eyes...........

She cracks me up! I think she would have slept out there if I hadn't suggested to come in for cocoa.

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