Monday, January 23, 2012

Family time is good... MYTH PROOVED!

Saturday morning Jack woke up, got his usual cup of coffee and sat down to the computer to see what was new in the world (since we had power and cable, which some people around here still don't have and it's MONDAY... but that is a whole different story). While zipping through facebook (MY facebook) he noticed a post from a friend with a picture of MYTHBUSTERS BEHIND THE MYTHS TOUR. Being the genius that he is, he looked the tour up and found out that low and behold, they were playing in Portland THAT VERY DAY!

Now, mind you, I was asleep while all this happened. I love to sleep in. Always have. Always will.

He came into our room, quietly telling me his internet find and also notifying me there are still tickets available for the 4PM show ... "Do you want to go?" he said with a grin. Well of course I want to go!!! Who doesn't want to see Jayme and Adam blow stuff up on stage?

We all got up, got fed, purchased the needed tickets and off we went. First a stop to everybody's favorite house of beverage...

This is what a tall drip with room, grande vanilla latte, chocolate chip mint frapuccino, steamed vanilla milk and a grande mocha look like

Just so you know, if you're ever relying on me for directions around Portland, get a different navigator. I'm horrible finding my way around that city. As much as I love being in Portland, I can never find anything there, including the way into the city. Once we actually did find Keller Auditorium, this is what it looked like inside:


Jayme and Adam

Audience participation demonstrating f=m(a) with a sledgehammer
Adam laying on a bed of nails while Jayme breaks a cinderblock with a sledgehammer on his stomach.

Photo Op where we were told to take pictures... I dunno. I just followed directions.
Final bows

If you ever get the chance to see this show, I think our whole family would recommend it. It was entertaining from beginning to end and was just what we needed as far as breaking out of all the snow and ice around here.

Dinner on the way home

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