Monday, April 13, 2009

Just playing with the camera yesterday. So many buttons. So little knowledge of what to do with them! Maybe I'll take a class one day :-)

Below is a tulip. Funny how it was blue or purple/red, depending on the setting I used. I like how the light seems to glow through the petals in this photo.

Around 7PM yesterday, the clouds parted and this beautiful rainbow arched over the house that is being built next door to us. Perfect for an Easter evening!


  1. I'm so glad you are working on learning your camera's bells and whistles! I can't wait for you to teach me picture taking tricks. You are so good at everything you apply yourself to. My amazing sister-in-law. I love watching and learning from you!

    That house looks so big! Or is it about the same size as yours? I love the rainbow on Easter Sunday. Awwwww ...

  2. The house is a good size, but I think the picture makes it look bigger. It will be nice to see a pretty house instead of the empty lot!

    Thanks for the compliments... you're sweet!