Saturday, April 18, 2009

Opening Day

I know that the Mariners had their opening day a couple of weeks ago, but today was opening day for the South Sound Baseball Pony League. Thomas's team is a gang of first graders, all boys except for one girl. They named themselves "The Sharks".

Well, Thomas was the starting pitcher for the Shark team today. He was up at 6:30 AM and dressed in his uniform before anyone else in the house was awake. We didn't have to be to the field until 11:10. A combination of nerves and excitement filled the morning!

Arriving at the field, we sized up the competition.... THIRD graders! They were like amazons compared to our six-turning-seven crew. Thomas pitched to those kids and struck out a few of them- good going THOMAS! Jack and I were a proud mom and dad as we heard all of the parents cheering Thomas on as he faced the Goliath-like batters from the yellow team. Those big kids beat us horribly, as you could imagine, but Thomas stuck in there, throwing again and again.
Way to go Thomas! You did great today!

First Pitch of the Game

The release...


Complete focus

Great follow-through!

Now, the picture below is my all time favorite picture of Thomas "playing" baseball. This was 2 years ago. He was playing 3rd base, waiting for the play when I snapped this dandy. He's come a long way in just 2 years!


  1. Cuteness all over! I wish I could see him play a game. And I'm totally impressed that he can throw the ball over the base well enough for someone to hit it! I don't share that skill with him. Way to go, Thomas!

  2. Love the new headline picture! And hooray for Thomas!! We are proud of you!