Thursday, April 30, 2009

It's Thomas's Day!

Today, we sing the song for Thomas! You know the one. He's seven today.

We love you Thomas! You add joy and laughter to our family and
you are a great blessing from God!

A few priceless pics are below. These are the kind you would
consider running into the house of flames to rescue. I'll add a picture from today, later.

Amanda and Emily loving up my big tummy with you in it!

Daddy introducing the girls to you. You were probably an hour old.

The girls had helped the nurse give you your first bath and now Emily got to hold you.

Amanda held you next.

Dear Thomas, I love being your Mom! Happy Birthday!


  1. Ahhh...Happy Birthday to Thomas! We love you too, little man! Hope you had a GREAT birthday!
    -the Carlsons

  2. i still remember the thomas countdown on the choir room wall! i hope he had a wonderful seventh birthday :)